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I rarely listen to albums anymore.  In the past year in my continuing effort to rid myself of the material of this world — which is quite a laugh, honestly.   As Chris says, “you love stuff!”  Mostly I’m doing what I can not to hoard* and balance things out, like get rid of things when I get new things…. yeah, anyway —- I’ve put my cds in a big cd case and thrown out the plastic cases.  Once I buy a couple more cases I can really open up that space in my living room that’s currently taken up by a big, wooden cd holder.

But is clearing out space my biggest reason for this reorganization or is it more that I don’t listen to albums anymore?  I’m thinking of this as I sit here listening to XTC’s Skylarking.  This is one of the albums I prefer to listen to as a whole piece.  Frankly, a big reason is the purposeful bleed between some songs; this was a recording they hoped would be listened to in order.  Summer’s Cauldon moves so easily into Grass, Ballet for a Rainy Day beautifully becomes the achingly lovely 1000 Umbrellas.  Of course I love how Dear God taps its ending into Dying; such a good follow-up tune thematically.

Listening to this now reminds me that was how I used to experience new music.  I’d hear the single on the radio, perhaps, then buy the record.  There’s something wonderfully comforting to me about listening to certain albums head to toe.  Here are a few off the top of me noggin’:   Aimee Mann - Lost in Space, Roxy Music - Avalon, Fiona Apple - When the Pawn…, The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, U2 - The Joshua Tree, Jellyfish - Spilt Milk, Prince - Purple Rain, The Smiths - Meat is Murder, Liz Phair - Exile in Guyville, Death Cab for Cutie - Transatlantacism,  The Pretenders - Learning to Crawl, The Replacements - Don’t Tell A Soul, hmmmmm…..

I’m trying to do this without cheating, which is to say without looking at my cds - mostly by picturing my albums.   Yes, vinyl.   I’m certain I’ve left out a lot and it’s funny, when I really think about it, I guess I’m not sure why I usually set my iPod on stun, I mean shuffle.  heh.

Do you have albums/records you prefer to hear beginning to end?  I’d love to know.

*oh yeah, that pesky asterisk.  Just a note that I’m addicted to the show Hoarders.  I’ve met people like this and it’s just amazing.  Oh, and btw, I’m over Toddlers & Tiaras.  Had my fill.

the wild sea

My band played on August 1st at the Lizard Lounge. By happy coincidence my dad was in town for a sociological conference, so he was able to attend his first real venue show. And what a show! The place nearly sold out, which made me feel great.

Instead of a potentially awkward stage announcement, we unveiled our new name, The Wild Sea, by giving away stickers and zipper pulls with our new logo on them at the door.

Aaron Lippert, our friend and talented musician, opened the evening with an acoustic set.  He knocked me out, as usual. What a voice on him!

Our set was so incredibly fun, it’s going on my top 5 best shows ever.  The audience was amazing!  So receptive and energetic; they really fed the performance.  This is an essential yet overlooked detail.  ESSENTIAL.  A live show is a brief symbiotic relationship and I am so excited and appreciative when things fall into place like they did that night.  It was brilliant.

The communication amongst the seven of us on stage was excellent as well.  Another ingredient without which, as you can imagine, a great show is impossible.

Here are some photos my friend Kim took.  Afterward she handed me the camera saying something about how she took a ton and hoped some came out.  Well I had my work cut out for me paring these babies down; she did a fantastic job.  Thank you, Kim!!!  You’re awesome.

LL - emotive shot heartfelt singing LL - ghost frank

And thank you all who came out to the show.   You make it all worthwhile.  There is immeasurable satisfaction in the songwriting itself; when I finish a song I feel a sense of accomplishment that is unmatched.  But playing those songs live brings in a whole other dimension and it’s magical.

LL - singing   LL - b&w   LL - matt and frankie rockin  LL - silly roo

the ‘c’ word? etc,…

Some updates:

I didn’t audition to teach group exercise at my gym. I realized I was overburdening myself. I was feeling supremely half-assed about my routine and my presentation; the whole enchilada. Nothing worse than going into a situation like that and not being confident, especially when you’re trying to motivate people to get excited about jumping around.

So I bagged it and plan to possibly audition this Fall.

That show with SuperGenius didn’t happen. Due to the new management/ownership (not sure which) of the club, the night, as Mike put it, shifted underneath them. There will be a show, though. I’ll post the date as soon as it’s confirmed.

bruise laterThe bruise on my left knee died down mostly. The included picture is from last week at my desk at work. I wanted to show the slow progression. Now it’s a mere shadow of its former self and I have a big ugly friend for it on my right calf that I got from my scooter. No, not from falling but from closing it up and accidentally letting it fall against my calf. Didn’t hurt so much when it happened, but the bruise has certainly lasted a while. I had others, too, so I was referring to my legs as BruiseFest 2008.

My biggest recent news (and best) was last Wednesday when a nurse from BIDMC called me to schedule my port removal. Could I come in either 9am or 12pm on Friday? So soon?! Uh, yeah, OK, I’ll take the nooner. I thought, hells yeah, I can take Friday off after our show at TOAD on Thursday. We were going on late, so, perfect!

I didn’t, however, consider the fact that if I couldn’t take aspirin or anything because of its blood thinning effects, I would not be able to drink, either. Eff! Not a single shot, nary a beer nor mixed drink, nor a lovely glass of wine. NOTHING to take the nervousness of performing away.

Well. That was an interesting realization.

All in all the show went very well. I’ll have it all better organized next time. I didn’t know Thursday night was a 2am night at TOAD. [And the hits keep comin’!! ] Seriously, though, I think we all had a great time, I know I had a blast playing with our seven (yes, 7) piece band on and around that teensy stage. It was great to again have the opportunity to play with all the guys in Phil’s band, that is, Nate, Jefferson and Joe Klompus.

Not to mention we had a great crowd. It was a very attentive listening audience. I fear my lack of calming fluid allowed me to insert too much of my “babble filler” between songs. Totally unnecessary and silly. This is something I am working against all the time, honestly. I have this overwhelming need to make sure everyone in the room is comfortable or something, the constant diplomat or ambassador or whatever, and it’s stupid. People don’t come to our shows to hear my useless offhand comments. The chorus in our song “Where We Left Off” is about that, actually. “Silence so they say, words a breath away, I will hold it in, I’ll find my way.”

ANYhoo, the audience was gracious and friendly and awesome despite my awkward verbal fumbling between songs.

No sleep till Brooklyn, that is to say 3AM, but I didn’t have to be at the hospital till 11:30. My friend Terri drove me, which was a huge relief and meant I’d get to spend some quality time with her. Since it only took about 30 minutes to get that device out of me I was able to show her the room on the 9th floor where I got all my chemotherapy drugs infused. She told me it depressed her to think of me in there. I said not to worry, it’s all over. And I’m a lucky, lucky, LUCKY girl. In fact, she’s one of the reasons for this. All of my friends make me feel incredibly lucky and happy. I do need to say, though, there’s something about TerTer. (And JoJo, too, actually. I could write at LEAST one full blog entry about each of them….) It’s as though we were destined and meant to meet and be in each other’s lives.

After the hospital we stopped by Terri’s place in Central Square - finally. We’ve known each other for… 2 or 3 years now and I’d never been there. Really only got to see the first floor and her office in the basement, but I was very impressed. Great space, layout and decor.

Next, we gathered up her neighbor and friend, Johanna, and went to Sound Bites. You can prolly guess what I ordered - thank goodness they serve breakfast till 3pm there! They each wanted to get some plants and things, so we went to Mahoney’s in Winchester. I got some cool, color-saturated and trippy close-up flower shots w/my cellphone camera. Then to my favorite part of the day, I got us each a cupcake and we played Scattergories at my place for a couple hours. It was fantastic. I had forgotten how wonderful and hilarious that game is/can be. It was a blast.

Of course, it was a long-ass day. I watched my Ghost Whisperer season finale (gripping!) and headed over to the Gearan’s place to babysit till 2am. That’s right. But I didn’t go to the gym all weekend because though I felt no pain during the removal procedure, the area was incredibly (enormously!) sore and throbbing. No way I was gonna do decline push-ups, jumping jacks, dancey step class moves or lift weights. I took it easy. And I decided not to feel guilty about it.

Do you want to know anything about the procedure? Only 30 minutes? What did they do? Well, they gave me a painful shot to numb the area and then cut in. Yes, local anesthesia, not general. I couldn’t see much; breathing on it would invite the possibility of infection and it didn’t occur to me to ask for a mirror. Would have helped, I bet.

At one point I did feel some pain along with the pressure so the doctor gave me another shot and all was well. He didn’t let me keep the device. Evidently the hospital considers it biohazardous material. This occurred to me beforehand, but I had to ask.

I’d forgotten my real camera, so I took a cellphone picture. Because of its low resolution this blog won’t accept it. Snobby blog.

Finishing chemo last September was the biggest hurtle or mile marker in this “battle,” but it must be said that despite the brevity of the procedure, having this last vestige of my cancer removed feels like a big deal.

i love where i live

Wednesday night I exit the T station and walk over to the Somerville Theatre to find out if the Crowded House concert had sold out or not. Ticket seller tells me no and asks which show am I interested in attending. Wha? I didn’t know they were booked for two shows and this threw a monkey in my brain. Wrench, that is.

Unable to choose I stand there mulling silently. My eyes hit upon a fading 3×3 yellow post-it behind the ticket dude. At the bottom it reads “Mike Doughty - 8:30.” Huhn.

“Mike Doughty is coming here? When’s he playing?” I ask. Dude says “Tonight.” I step back and see the posters advertising the show. This is so like me. Give me something obvious and overt and I’ll miss it, guaranteed. But hide it from me, even slightly, and I’ll find it and think I’ve made some grand discovery. Ah-HA!!!

That’s what happened with my band, actually. I placed an ad in the Phoenix, singer/songwriter looking for a band, and they answered it. Meanwhile they had signs and posters up all over Allston and the B Line for months advertising as a band looking for a singer. At the time I lived in Brighton and took the B Line every day and never saw a single one of their posters. Granted, most days I had my nose in a book or my nose on my chest napping, but either way, you’d think I’d have seen their poster ONCE. But oh, no. Not me.

[Fortunately I had no pressing plans that night so I bought myself a ticket and went. Awesome!!! Ended up sitting next to a very nice fella named Dave who got my sense of humor.]

As I walked home from purchasing the ticket I wondered to myself why I didn’t get an email about the show. I’m on the mailing list and am always getting email notifications for shows far away that I have no hope of being able to attend… why didn’t I get one for this? As it happens I opened my laptop as soon as I got home and there was the fan email announcement of the show. Who knows if I’d have run down there and bought a ticket once I was home and inertia had set in. This is why man, oh man, do I love where I live….

thursday night’s alright (understatement)

Had a great show with the band on Thursday night at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge.

The show itself was great fun. We had a fantastic and receptive audience - thank you to everyone who came out. I love the energy, fun and amazing sound our live players bring. Matt Tahaney on bass, Frank Marotta, Jr. on electric guitar and Phil Aiken on keys. I am thrilled and honored to play with them.

Aaron Shadwell rocked the place before we went on and the Phil Aiken Army rocked it afterwards. Phil invited me to sing some harmonies on a few tunes as well as join in on their cover of Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac. Considering Todd and I did our cover of Dreams earlier I was surprised the Lizard didn’t put a special Fleetwood Mac’n'Cheese on the menu. If there’s a next time we’ll give them an advanced head’s up.

T & R at Lizard

A big thank you to our friend Mike for kindly taking over photo duties, especially with a camera he’s not familiar with. And let me tell you, the Lizard is not an easy room to photograph in without a flash. My apologies to Phil whose one photo in the bunch was just too dark to make him out. And as you can see by the very last shot here, the one of Tahaney alone was pretty dark, too. I tried my best in iPhoto, but there’s only so much one can do with their rudimentary editing buttons.

On the first row below here on the left is Todd. You can see Phil a bit on the left of the photo and behind Todd is Matt on drums. Below right is Tahaney on bass standing slightly behind Frank on electric guitar.

Second row is another shot of me and then another shot of Todd. Third row is me, again (well!? don’t give me that look. it’s my blog! and I am the singer…), and then the poorly brightened shot of Tahaney.

My friend Nate brought along his portable mp3 recorder (thanks, Nate!) and got the whole show recorded, I believe. Of course, it’s a real possibility in retrospect I won’t think we did as great a job. yes, we’re all our own worst critics.

T & M at LLfrank at LL

r yell at LLt at LLr and shadow ftahaney at LL

white weekend

Yes, white, as in snow. Mostly white, that is. It’s getting pretty slushy and dirty right now, but we got a big snowstorm up here on Thursday. My office closed at 2PM, even (said in the voice of Snagglepuss), which doesn’t happen very often. We’ve had all manner of “disaster” in my office and haven’t closed. We’ve been burdened with bizarre floods due to pipes bursting and the like and kept the office open, despite the real possibility of getting sick from mold, etc,…

Figures, too, that I had just recorded the outgoing holiday message for Christmas. Closing early meant I had to record another message over that one and re-record the Xmas msg on Friday. But that’s a small price to pay; I’ll take what I can get regarding closing early.

Went home to eat a little bit and then back out to the gym to lift weights and do double spin. Yee-haw! There’s a special joy to be had riding an indoor cycle and sweating like a maniac whilst watching snow fall outside. Beauty. And there was also a certain pleasure to be had watching cars get stuck. Schadenfraude.

By Friday the snow had been cleared from the streets and the office was open. I made my way over to Beth Israel for my last meeting of 2007 with my Oncologist. Was running late for my 9AM appointment, thanks to T delays (the green line is an embarrassment in my eyes) and slush avoidance, but the nurse/receptionist told me Dr. Jain was running late, too. He wouldn’t be in till 10:30. Go have some breakfast and come back, she suggested. Honey, I had oatmeal before I left and I have to get to work. Even if he were to arrive when she said, no way he’d see me right at 10:30. So I rescheduled. And went to work. My last day and then a week’s vacation.

The gym was closed that night for their holiday party so I got home and immediately got on my trainer. Forty minutes of that, quick shower and a relaxing me’vening. Made myself some pasta and watched my guilty pleasure, Ghost Whisperer, and then a Sopranos. I’m finally watching the 2nd part of the last season via Netflix. Nice.

So, Saturday was bitter cold. I don’t think I even stepped outside until I left for the show at the Lizard at just before 7. I slept late for me (9 or so), did laundry, did a workout at home using resistance bands, did my vocal warm-up, put together stuff for the gig and still somehow let time get ahead of me enough that I had to rush out the door to catch my bus to the venue. Dur. There seem to be some unalterable personality traits, don’t there? I am a putterer. It’s way way WAY too easy for me to waste time. I’d win a wasting time contest. And a procrastinating contest. Maybe I should organize one of those. … I’ll do it later.

Show, the show, how’d the show go? It went great, actually. Got there with plenty of time to relax beforehand. I ordered my sliders, a shot of jager and chilled with Phil, Frank, Tahaney and Joe. Once Todd arrived we did a little harmony rehearsing in the back room. Then we went on at 9:30PM sharp.

I want to thank all of my gym girlfriends who came out. It was fantastic to see such a great turnout, and they brought friends, too! Jo, Deborah, Jenn, Terri, thank you all! My clinical nurse from BIDMC, Sue, came to the show, too! She brought three friends! It was so great to see her, especially not at the hospital. HA. She’s so awesome - her bright, pretty, smiling face and upbeat attitude really helped me through my treatments. I liked her the moment I met her; we just hit it off right away.

The band did a tremendous job, they dressed so nicely!! and the performance felt just about right on. Of course, I’m my own biggest critic and a bit of a perfectionist, so I’ll always find things that need improvement. Considering we had only ONE rehearsal, this show was a real achievement. I didn’t feel nervous, which may have something to do with the jager, but it didn’t hurt that I’ve been a lot more diligent about preparation. Not feeling nervous was amazing. I was able to pay close attention to the reactions of the audience and tune in to both sides of the dial, as it were.

We had some time at the end, so Todd and I did a cover. It went well, if I do say so myself. There was a moment of … I’m not sure what to call it. We started the song and people were having their conversations in spots in the room, which is fine and perfectly understandable. But as we got into the 2nd verse there was a change in the room. Suddenly it was like every-single-person-in-the-room was with us. It was fucking amazing. It was palpable and I was so moved it was like an out of body experience. The words kept coming out of my mouth, but I didn’t even feel like I was the one singing. There is nothing in this world that can match that feeling and I am now determined to feel it again. And again. It was like… the room reached ecstacy, but in the calmest, most serene sense.

I’ve had that feeling before here and there. When Todd and I would busk in Harvard Square there were times we had a nice big group watching/listening and that unity seemed to happen. Especially when we’d do Angel by Sarah McLachlan. In any case, I am now addicted. This could be my new drug.

My apologies for no pictures - my camera died recently and I’ve been meaning to either get it fixed or get a new one. It was such a good show I do wish I had photos…. OH and the snow waited till about midnight or so to start to fall again.


Tonight my band is playing at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge. I’m pretty excited about the show and looking forward to it. We’ve got the three of us, Todd Russell, Matt Russell and me and then we have Matt Tahaney on bass, Phil Aiken on keys and Frank Marotta on electric guitar. This is a killer line-up. Tahaney has played with us a number of times and engineered the drums on the recording we started just before my diagnosis. Phil played with us at Bill’s Bar (when was that? September?), he has his own music outfit and often plays with Bill Janovitz. This is Frank’s first outing with RUTH; both he and Tahaney play with Anne Heaton. We rehearsed with him last week and he’s a great addition.

I’m having my usual pre-show nerves and in the throes of my last minute mini-panics about whether I remembered everything and am I happy with what I’ve chosen to wear and I hope I don’t miss my bus because it’s cold out there tonight…. Good thing is I think the next bit of snow we get isn’t going to start till well after midnight. Wouldn’t have surprised me if we’d played to an empty room, our audience having stayed home and away from awful weather. But we may squeak by.

Say hi if you come out tonight (and remember we go on early, 9PM)! I’ll post again with a report on how it all went.

busy week/end

This past week I was busier than I’ve been in a while. And the busy-ness affected all aspects of my life. My band ( had two shows coming up in the next two weeks - a benefit Friday the 7th and a show at the Lizard Lounge on December 15th - and since we’ll have three more musicians with us at the Lizard we had a rehearsal on Tuesday night from 6-9PM. Work has been pretty crazy in general and our Holiday Party was Wednesday night. On top of that I’ve not missed any of my workouts.

Rehearsal was great. I’m excited about the players we have and am really looking forward to this Saturday’s show. We usually have one show in December around Christmastime, so I’m very thankful our friend Damian Shiner invited us to play with him that night.

So we played a benefit on Friday up in Billerica. It was interesting and a good cause. We were sort of background music so it was like a live rehearsal, which is always a good thing. What was superduperinsanecool was that Leslie and her husband, two organizers of this benefit, made us a “ruth” banner(!) to hang behind the drum kit. It’s awesome! Todd brought xmas lights with him and we put them up around the banner. They, of course, let us keep it, so we’ll use it at the Lizard Lounge on Saturday night.

Saturday I got things done around the house, went to the gym and lifted weights and did 45 minutes on the elliptical. That afternoon/early evening I decided to head into town. I wanted to return something I purchased at Niketown on Newbury Street when Mel was here and I remembered the Trader Joe’s on Boylston, so I stocked up.

There was also the requisite visit to Sephora as I’m a beauty product junkie, extra-specially lip gloss. It’s a terrible affliction. I have soooo many glosses and I don’t wear them all, but I love them. I squirrel them away or something. I don’t even wear makeup much, but I love it. Andy Warhol wrote that he loved makeup so much because it’s packaged so well, and I must agree. I’ve actually recently gotten into Bare Escentuals - it’s great. The best concealer I’ve ever used and it’s good for your skin, sooo…. why not?

Ok. Sunday, hmmm…. what did I do Sunday? Do you care? Do I care? Oh yeah, I puttered and NPR’d and coffee’d up and got a mani/pedi. Then I rode my trainer inside whilst watching the sad Chargers v Titans game. We were doing so well! Then the damn Chargers tied it up, we went into overtime and … <BANG> the station I was watching was legally obligated to switch to the Pats game. Yes, I wanted to watch that anyhow, but I was really into that game!

I’ve realized I should probably get a pad of some kind for my bike trainer because I managed to drip a few puddles worth of sweat on my hardwood floor. Yes, this is good as it means I was working hard, but they are hardwood floors. It also means I should remember to get my sweat towel ready, but sometimes I like to feel the sweat pouring out. You either understand this completely or you don’t, and that’s fine.

Pats game was great - another excellent match-up.

I’m only sad because I realized that I’ll be missing my first Pats game on December 23rd. I’ll be in Nashville and there’s a Titans game at the same time. My brother suggested we might be able to find a bar where they’ll be showing the Pats game.

sing, sing a song

To begin with a little health news, I had another PET Scan on Tuesday. On Friday I met with Dr. Jain to go over the results the news is good. They didn’t see anything suspicious in the scan. It doesn’t mean I’m entirely out of the woods, but it is very encouraging.

Thursday night my band played our first club gig in, I think, 10 months or so, at Bill’s Bar on Lansdowne Street. For this show we hired Matt Tahaney to play bass and Phil Aiken to play keys. I have to tell you, these guys are awesome. They both play with Bill Janovitz in Crown Victoria as well as many other bands and I was psyched they wanted to play with us.

Matt’s played with us live before and engineered the drums for the recording we’ve been working on, but this was our first outing with Phil. In rehearsal I got super excited because he was adding some major atmosphere to the music.

The show itself was fun as hell even though the set felt tremendously short, especially considering how long the other bands continued to play. I use an in-ear wireless monitor, but I couldn’t hear anything in my headphones during the entire set. I realized afterwards that after soundcheck it got unplugged and I never plugged it back in again. Dur, can you tell it’s been awhile? I guess I didn’t hit too many bad notes because the audience was receptive and enthusiastic in their applause. It felt fantastic to be on stage again with Matt (Russell) and Todd and the new energy from Matt (Tahaney) and Phil was just what we needed.

It being a school night and us not going on till 10 I understand why the crowd was pretty thin, but I can’t pretend not to be a little disappointed.

Like I said, this was our first show in almost a year and considering everything I’ve gone through I figured more people would come out and show their support. But I want to thank everyone who did come: Mike and Murph and Chris and Kris and Terri and Leslie and all of Todd’s pals (and mine) from Avid, and Will and Kat and Joe and John… and I apologize if I left anyone out.

Tahaney, Todd and I stayed till almost the bitter and and it was great getting to hang out for so long w/Tahaney. He’s a funny and easygoing fella and one hell of a good bassist. We talked a little about ideas for the next live show and I’m looking forward to it, whenever it is. :)

steamy weekend

Some advice: Don’t wear new sandals on a 5 mile walk in 93 degree humid weather.

I’m no fan of hot + humid (unless there’s a pool nearby) and I forget how easy it is for my feet to get all torn up in humidity. That’s exactly what happened. Too hot to ride my bike on Saturday and, as it turned out, too hot to be wearing my new sandals. There I was trying to break them in and they broke me. Ouch. There went my plans to get a pedi that afternoon.

I suppose I was due for a crappy weekend, I probably had too many good ones in a row and the universe needed to balance itself out. Balance is good, right?

Not that the weekend was a complete wash. There was the thrilling news of K8’s new baby after a great meal w/two of my best friends on Friday. And on Saturday, after cooling off and band-aiding my feet I convinced Todd to take me to the Summer Shack where we had delicious halibut.

We’d never been to the Summer Shack and went with a little trepidation, but I had a gift card from a friend that’d been gathering dust for well over a year. From Fresh Pond Parkway it doesn’t look like much, but we drove over and the parking lot, which you can’t see from the FPP, was full. Got inside and there was a 45 minute wait.

It was like entering an alternate universe. I never suspected the place was so popular, but what did I know? But I liked it and had a good time. Next time my parents come up for a visit I’m taking them. It reminded me a little of the very first Legal Sea Food restaurant. Not quite as low-rent, but a similar flavor, so to speak.

Sunday we recorded vocals for that cover song I mentioned in a previous entry at Matt’s. It took longer than expected, but once I got the mood right in my voice, things went more smoothly. Recording itself is not something I particularly like. Something to do with the permanence of it all and that I’m very hard on myself, on my voice. I demand perfection and since that’s not possible, I’m often left unsatisfied.

What I do enjoy is recording with Matt. He and I always have fun and laugh a lot even when we’re feeling frustrated by bad takes or software malfunctions or bad wiring. Doesn’t hurt that he’s a great producer. He knows how to ask for and get a good performance and our rapport is so easy. We have a good time every time and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

When things are going well we have even more fun. We must have hours of silly outtakes we ought to cull for gems to use as hidden tracks on the next CD. And hey, we patched together a pretty good main vocal if you ask me. Maybe you’ll hear it on our myspace page soon…