who is roo?

I’m Ruth. Often Roo. Sometimes Ruthie. Or Ruthless. Or Roofus. Or Roof. Or Rutabega. Or Ruta. Or Rootin’ Tootin’. Or Roodley Poodley. So many options for nicknames. I answer to them all, even some that don’t start with an “R.”

roo self

On Valentine’s Day 2007 I had surgery to remove what turned out to be a cancerous tumor in my colon. I started this blog in April, 2007, with the goal of keeping my friends, family and well-wishers apprised of my health and state of mind as I underwent six months of chemotherapy. I completed my treatments at the end of August and have so far been pronounced cancer-free. So why didn’t I stop posting then?

Because I got used to maintaining this blog. I’ve kept a (mostly) daily journal since 1989, I write songs in a band, and I graduated with a writing degree, so this blog is good exercise for me, for my brain. (Sometimes it’s good exorcise, too.) Writing in a journal is easy, just brain spittle, really, self analysis and therapy, whereas writing for a potential audience requires me to be more critical and correct, which is where the good brain exercise comes in.

Another reason to continue my blog is the idea that this could possibly, maybe, somehow help someone through their own chemotherapy or just hard times. If this helps even one person maintain a positive attitude (my favorite asset) and see the light at the end of the tunnel, then I’ve done a good thing. And if I can inspire someone to take better care of themselves, eat well and exercise daily, treat their body well (because you only get one), then, again, I’ve done a good thing. It isn’t necessarily about running a marathon or participating in some extreme sports, it’s about taking care of yourself, counting your blessings, and appreciating what life has to offer, from little things to big. Life is not always easy, but setting goals and working hard is incredibly rewarding. It helps put things in perspective. I’m living proof that a cancer diagnosis is not a death sentence, not even a lie down and be sad for yourself sentence.

Here’s a little more about me:

I live in Somerville, MA and have for 10 years now. It’s my first “ville” since I moved up north from Nashville, TN and maybe that explains why I’m finally content with living in the Boston area. One of the reasons, at least…. I was happy in college, but that was college so it doesn’t quite count.

east nashville bridge

Here’s a shot I took in Nashville at Christmas in 2006. The city renovated the old bridge to East Nashville and turned it into a walking bridge, so we tested it out.

That’s not all there is to downtown Nashville, but it is a small city. We call that blue thing behind me “The Batman Building.” My friends don’t like it, but I always did.

Here I am in the Apple Store using their photobooth program. I’ve always loved photobooth and have also always been into Andy Warhol, so this is perfect for me. My next laptop is going to have a built in camera.
warhol roo

This might be what I look like when posting, but it isn’t. In this shot I’m on vacation and probably checking my email.

blog writin’

The picture below is from a rehearsal space on Ludlow Street in New York. Bathrooms like that one make it rough to be a girl in a band, especially one like me with such a teensy bladder. But as usual, I’m smiling and keeping my chin up. And my hands away from everything. I love the “I report my poop” sticker. Poop.

Roo in NYC

This one’s from Bixby Bridge in Big Sur, CA. Much more pleasant.


Ok, ok, so… what would I want to know about you? Favorite things, like books and music and hobbies and movies (if you even like movies) and tv (if you even like tv). Well, although I’ve recently realized that personal preferences are not as much of an acid test for possible friendship as I previously thought, they can still be interesting.What else is interesting is what people think of off the top of their heads. I often can’t even think of what my favorite things are when under pressure - I freeze up. Not that I’m under any real pressure here, but…