Newest thing?  I bought a car.  Yep.  A copper color 2011 Honda Fit with only 13,200 miles on it.

I had been looking at the Fiat (for about 3 years, actually, ever since I saw one in Lake Como, Italy when I was there with Dad), but I was definitely soured on the idea by effing JLo.  Not the only reason, of course.  Chris indulged my love of that wee beauty, but urged me to get a reliable vehicle with a good track record.  And the “back seat” of the Fiat truly is a joke.  My niece was able to sit comfortably even when I pushed the driver’s seat all the way back, but she’s about as wide as a gymnastic balance bar, so a normal human-sized person might hurt themselves.

Then someone at work said she had a friend who was a salesman at Honda in Natick, MA.  I was in the market for a new car so that was great news.  I’d already done the “build your own” on the Honda website at least a dozen times so I pretty much knew what I wanted.  So I got the information from my friend regarding her salesman’s hours and such.  It’s always better to go in with a recommendation.

So Saturday, March 10th I got back from a lovely two-day trip to Philly with Tony and Sean for Mel and Jules’ birthday feast, called the dude and made an appointment for Sunday at 12:30.  Called a few different friends hoping someone would be able to come with me, but that part didn’t come together.  I debated rescheduling for when Chris would be in town, but as much as I wanted him to be with me, his male presence as well as his opinion, I felt impatient.  And since I feel like I always reschedule things, I went.

Mel was the first person I knew to get a Honda Fit.  She bought hers the first year they were available in the US (2007) and when she drove it up for Thanksgiving she let me try it out.  Hers is orange, too, but it’s a different orange.  Mine is copper and shiny metallic and hers is more of a muted rosy orange.

I tried 3 different Honda Fits (including a brand new 2012 with only 4 measly miles on it) but the copper one really spoke to me.  In fact, I was more interested in a the dark purple 2010 model on the lot (they don’t make that color this year), but it had more than 26K miles on it.  *AND* it was priced at $1,000 more than the copper. Eff that.  But it was really the feel, the price, the mileage and THEN the color that made me say yes to the deal.

Since I couldn’t drive myself back to pick it up alone and I didn’t want to burden anyone with hauling my ass all the way out to Natick, I asked if someone at the dealership could pick me up at the commuter rail station 5 minutes away.  They could and I came back the next day and picked up my new car.

Because I hadn’t told anyone about my purchase (including my husband - he knew I was maybe going to test drive it) I felt like I was doing something naughty.  Fun naughty.  Then in my excitement I got on the Mass Pike going the wrong direction - GAAAH!!! - and added 15 minutes to my drive home.  Silly me.