I love love LOVE the new Fiat 500!  I loved it when I saw it in Italy in 2009 before I found out it would be manufactured in the US.  From the outside it’s my ideal car, I swear!  I’ve been fawning over it for two years and telling anyone who will listen that I want one.  Then I saw a commercial for one on TV and I wanted to thumb my eyes back in their sockets.

J Lo?!?!  In MY Fiat?!?!  Granted she’s driving a convertible in the commercial and I’ve never understood the appeal of a convertible car of any kind.  AND it’s white, which is not a color I would ever choose for a vehicle.   I’ve gone to the Fiat website twelve hundred times and created and re-created my very own 500 in various colors with varying stripes and accoutrements, never white, never convertible.  But J Lo?!?!  Who the F decided she should be the spokes-celeb for Fiat?!?!   I do NOT want to associate the Fiat with J Lo.

These ads are KILLING me and making me want my car less and less.  I don’t hate J Lo, but I guess I think I might hate J Lo.