Wow.  Writing that title just hit home; it’s been FOUR YEARS since I had surgery to remove my tumor.  It feels like a lifetime ago.  My life has changed so much since then that this one feels like a new life.

Valentine’s Day, 2007.  It was a Wednesday, if I recall correctly.  My friend Steve kindly drove me to the gynecological surgeon in the morning and … I won’t rehash it all again.  If you want to know what happened you can go back to the first few entries.

What’s strange is that now it all feels like it was a dream.  A bad dream, granted, but as with so much of the past, the clarity of my memories is fading.  (That, coupled with the chemo which affected my short-term memory, natch.)  On the rare occasions I go back and read this blog I can’t believe that the things I wrote actually happened to me.  I’m continuing my maintenance (I have my yearly colonoscopy next week and I will soon schedule another mammogram), but these are the only tangible things that remind me I had cancer.

Right now things are good.  Really good.

Chris and I are engaged.  I’ve just bought the tickets for our honeymoon in Italy (early May- so excited!!!).  Now we just need to figure out a date to do the deed with a Justice of the Peace.  Yes, we have our priorities straight.

The band had a great residency at Toad in January and we’re going to do it again in April.  Because it’s Toad we’ve been playing a stripped down acoustic set with mandolin and violin and tambourine and shaker - it’s been great and feels like a rebirth, of sorts.  We’re also finally getting to work finishing up the recording we started before I got sick.  RIGHT?!?  Crazy.  We’re just thrilled to get our songs on CD and let the world hear it.

I’ve never cared much for New Year’s Resolutions, but I figured one out for myself this year that I dig.  Discipline.  Work on being more disciplined.  This applies to everything, from writing back to people promptly to reading more in general, from getting to work on time (a problem for me) to working out daily.  Everything takes time, of course, so the blog-writing portion of my discipline is only slowly coming together, but I won’t give up.  Baby steps.

Happy Valentine’s Day.  <3