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I’m definitely not as hip or “with it” as I’d like to be.  Been trying for a while now to update the look of this blog, to upload a new “theme” and I seem to be completely incapable.  It’s driving me nuts!   What is wrong with me that I can’t do this?  I’ve chosen the theme I’d like to use and I “downloaded” it, but the instructions say to upload the theme.  Where?  Where do I do this?

Jeebus I’m frustrated.

word annoyances + loves

Some improper word-use annoyances:

You don’t wet your appetite, you whet it.

No one can wind their way to work, you wend your way.

The further I see into the future, the farther my stomach sticks out, not the other way ’round.

Flesh out a rough or “skeletal” idea, not flush it out.  Flush it and you lose it.

Impact - we’ve gone there before, I’ll let it go for now.

Yeah, yay and yea.  - Yeah is casual agreement, yay is an expression of happiness, and yea means yes, as in the opposite of nay.  These get confused even more than there, their and they’re if you ask me.

A few phrases I’m currently sick to death of:

“It is what it is.”

“Long story short…”

“At the end of the day, …”

“… and whatnot”

“it was literally mind-blowing” - or “literally [fill in the blank] because they meant “figuratively” and I want to kill when I hear this.

“Whatever, I’m over it.”  Clearly you aren’t if you’re bringing it up.

“Ah-ha moment”  Do I need to explain?

A few phrases I will never tire of:

“Here’s what really sticks in my craw”

“Wanna hear something funny?”

“Come look at these adorable kitty cats!”

Some words I love:     ostensibly, sycophant, slapdash, ubiquitous, lucid/cogent, visceral, exacerbate, schadenfraude, obsequious, jackass, mothertrucker (which I learned from the edited-for-TV version of The 40 Year-Old Virgin.  Cracks me up every single time), honky-tonk.

pen in hand

I may have visited this topic before, but I’d like to address it just the same.

I type faster than I write.  Most people, I imagine, who know how to type, do.  The editing process involved in word processing is convenient and makes things so much simpler than ever before.  And you must know how I love to edit.   The fact that computers can contain and maintain what could be reams of work in a small space is also pretty amazing and awesome.

That said, I love love love paper and pens.  I love all the different fun pads of paper that exist, the variety of journals to choose from, the innumerable pens of all colors and styles and ink.  Not to mention the satisfying feel of pen in hand, making your mark on the page - instantaneously glorious.  I guess it’s really a feel thing.

Books are the same; there’s nothing like the feel of a book in my hands.  It’s a great feeling to break the spine of a new paperback, showing how much you love it.   I do prefer paperbacks, but I do like hardcovers when they’re books I consider reference books.

I’m also a big gadget fan, so the convenience of the Kindle definitely intrigues me.   More and more of my fellow commuters on the T in the morning have them.   At first I thought the iPad looked ridiculous, like a giant iPhone.  But the more I explore it, the more I want one.  Go figure.

We were in Nashville last weekend for my dad’s memorial and Chris asked my mom if she knew where my love, nay obsession, for pens and paper came from.  She said the fact that she and dad were both intellectuals they both had a lot of pens and paper.  We went up in my dad’s office and I opened the top drawer of his desk revealing what must have been about 80 pens.  “Does this answer your question?”