Whatever happened to the little girl who loved the humid summer weather?  I used to really dig the heat; days at the lake swimming by the dock, running around in my shorts and swimsuit, and oh, those summer nights.

Sadly I grew up.   And because I did so much of my coming-of-age up here in New England I doubt I’ll ever change back.  It’s true.  My birth father, Johnny, wonders if I’m really his spawn because he likes it hot.  The hotter the better.  Hot and sunny, if I’m not mistaken.  Which is weird to me.  I never did worship the sun.

Anyhoo, Spring arrived Saturday (at approximately 1pm est) and Tony, knowing it was going to be beautiful weather, invited me for walkies.  YAY.  Tony (”Anthony”) being now a full-time working lawyer and me being a full-time loser we’ve had precious little time together.  This was going to be one big uninterrupted stretch of catch-up time.

Actually, we DID have drinks a few Friday nights ago downtown and it was a blast.   But there’s always more to talk about, iddin’t there?  Plus I missed he and Sean’s Oscar Party thanks to a bellyache (or was it bellyachin’…?) and I know it was a great time.  blurg.

He came all the way to Davis to meet me.  We walked through Somerville to Cambridge, got bubble teas sans the bubbles (sometimes they just get in my way).  Ambled down Mass Ave to skirt Harvard Square and continue to Central, through which we utilized a parallel back street to avoid the crazies.  Down along MIT, across the smoot bridge with a left onto Newbury Street.  That was until we realized how stupid it was to deal w/all the other pedestrians when we had no real shopping or dining intentions so we veered over to the Commonwealth Mall.  To Arlington Street, through the Garden, up Charles Street in Beacon Hill where we stopped to eat appetizers the size of entrees.  We got polenta w/tomatoes etc,… and it tasted like polenta pizza (yum!) and risotto with asparagus and mushrooms.  This was a lunch that ended up being my dinner.

Throughout it all we chatted and enjoyed the sun and clouds and people-watching.  Good times, I tells ya, good times.  Afterwards we took the red line at Charles going our opposite directions. I had a feeling I knew the length of walk we took since I’ve done pretty much the same walk before, but I gmap pedometer’ed it anyway and it was 6 miles.  I knew I wore the comfy sneakers for a reason.