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smallish snow storm visiting greater boston today

Headline on  That cracks me up.  Is smallish even a word?  Not according my Webster’s, but I think it’s only the 10th Edition.  Time to update.

It’s nice of that storm to pay us a visit, too.  I know how busy they can be, always on the move and waving a big wet hello to us terrestrials.  Hope it stays long enough for a cup of this interesting tea mom gave me called Eggnogg’n, “An Exceptional Winter Tea” by Bigelow.

Wow, I just looked it up on Bigelow’s website b/c I’d never heard of it before and mom only had the bags sans box.  Now this is adorable packaging.


Those penguins are having a blast!

r.i.p. r.a.p.

Richard Austin Peterson, my dad, died today, 1PM CST. in Nashville, TN.

the professor