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i’m not sick

Chris swears I never get sick.  Last Wednesday night I could feel the tell-tale a-cold-is-coming scratchiness in my throat and said out loud that I was probably getting sick.  Thursday, Christmas Eve, and I was feeling weak, completely disinterested in food (which is a sure sign of illness to me, ha!) and my sore throat had gotten worse.  I was, however, capable of handling the day at work.  Unfortunately going to the Anzalone Seven Fishes Christmas Dinner was out.  I knew I couldn’t deal with exuberant Italians and didn’t want to go and be a downer.

Christmas Day I was still at 75%, in fact, the whole weekend that’s where I was, just hovering at the surface, not wanting to make things worse by actually doing anything or going anywhere.  But Saturday night I ventured out to hear some music (the lovely Jess Tardy and her band at Bull McCabe’s) at about 6:30 and participated in the sing-along she asked of the audience.  Then Chris and I went to see the new Coen Bros. movie, A Serious Man and went home.  BTW, don’t bother seeing that one.  That thing just went nowhere and we were disappointed as hell.  Just thankful our tickets were comped.  

It was when we got home I realized I was croaking out my half of our conversation.  This morning Chris called me Marge (Simpson) and because it takes so much effort to make words happen I’m sticking to nodding and hand gestures for communication.  Fortunately it’s just me and Lucy tonight and she’s amazing at charades.

On the whole, though, I feel alright.  No need for NyQuil or Sudafed or anything, just a sore throat and weakness.  Saturday morning I sadly couldn’t go to my favorite classes at the gym, but Chris has a point - I rarely get an illness that knocks me out.  Breaking my foot notwithstanding, of course, I haven’t been really sick since we began dating.  I’m just saying.

spinning plates

Even though I don’t go home for Thanksgiving and I’m not going home for Christmas, I’ve still got things going on.

I enjoyed a lovely, though brief, visit from Mel over Thanksgiving here in Boston.  We ate an amazing dinner at Tony and Sean’s, including the juiciest turkey ever.  Those things didn’t require much planning or organization on my part, but let’s still say one down, two to go.

What do I mean?  This month my band has a show - another full-band endeavor - and my boyfriend, Chris, has a birthday.  He’s turning 40.  He cannot, shall not, will not have a 40th birthday without a party.

Who do you think is taking care of organizing these things?  Who is arranging the party, calling Chris’ friends and family, purchasing silly decorations, reserving tables at the Burren, asking folks to help with some chocolate cupcakes?  Who is advertising our show by making and hanging posters, emailing fans (”fans”?) , learning some of the closing band’s tunes so they can sing harmony?  That’s right, c’est moi!

Ok, maybe it’s not so much.  Maybe I just wanted to talk about some nice things I got goin’ on.  True dat.