Baby, this weather is what I live for, 50s and low 60s.  Perfect weather for my long walks.  And other things.

Last week I realized my foot is healed enough that I dusted off my red razor scooter and rode to work.  No, silly, not all six miles to work.   I rode to the T, folded it up on the subway, and unfolded and rode it from the station to work.

Aw YEAH, it rocked!  It was so amazing.  I forgot how fast it gets me here to there.  Downtown Crossing to work walking can take up to 3 songs on my headphones whereas with the scooter I hear one tune and boom, I’m there.

It must be said, too, how I love the disapproving looks I get from the straights, er, uh, I mean business people… like me.  HA!  Though it’s just a little kid’s razor scooter it makes me feel like a bad-ass riding it around.

It’s also funny that many of my friends and acquaintances didn’t know I rode a scooter.  They’ve seen me with it lately and ask incredulously whether I really ride it or not.  Uh, yeah, of COURSE I do! I reply.

In the past I’ve wondered if I’d like to make the commitment to buy a real solid ride from Xootr Scooter.  I had one with pneumatic tires that I accidentally left in the basement of our apartment in Newton years ago.  My intention with that scooter was to change the tires out; being air-filled, they were slooow and you know me, I like to go fastfastfast!!!  It was killing me.  But it’s been way too long now and I’d feel like an ass going back there to reclaim it.  Guess I’ll start again from scratch.

The problem for me with Xootr Scooters is they’re made for adults (mostly) so they’re larger and heavier and can be unwieldy to carry.  That said, I think I still want one.  Now I have to decide between the Roma and the Xootr Mg (in black).  They’re both pretty sweet.  Considering how much fun I have on the scooter now, I think it’s a wise little investment.