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can’t or don’t want to keep up with the joneses or anyone else for that matter

Get a life, Twitter.  Screw you, Facebook.

What is my problem?  I would like to appreciate Twitter as it seems to be an amazing communication tool for reporting things that are happening in the farthest reaches of the world where technology and/or political or religious restrictions have made it hard to know what’s really happening.  I see the same 4 or 5 people updating and twittering over twenty times in a day.  Granted I don’t “follow” that many people on Twitter, but seriously, who needs to communicate that much?  It reads as egotistical to me, posting every hour.  Does anyone want to read every thought that enters your mind?  Who has the time?  How do you have the time to make this many observations and still get anything done?

I like Facebook, and I love getting a glimpse into my friends’ day-to-day lives with their interesting and relevant status updates.  But there are some who update constantly.  All day.  I don’t understand it.  And what’s with all the complaining and woe-is-me?  Or the obvious statements that amount to polite conversations between strangers waiting for an elevator?  Yes, I live in the world and it’s hot where I am in the summer, too.  I’m annoyed about the rain as well.  Deep thoughts.

If you’re going to update, have something to say or at least be silly and/or entertain me.  Do I need to know you had four cups of coffee today or that you slept till 11am?  Should I send you some aspirin because your status reads you have a toothache?  In describing and photographing what you’re having for dinner are you inviting me for a meal or just taunting me?  I enjoy the glimpse, but if I wanted a full picture, I’d call you or email you or see you.  In person.  Yeah, weird.

Gee-zus, am I turning into an old lady?  “Am I so out of touch?  No.  It is the children who are wrong.”  - Principal Skinner, The Simpsons.

I started a blog not just to have a soapbox to climb atop and bitch, but to tell my friends what was going on with me and my cancer and my chemo in detail.  Yes, I’m a Leo, so me likey lots of attention, sure!  But I’ve no doubt that if I had been on Facebook when I was first diagnosed I wouldn’t have mentioned it much there.  It’s not my style.  Just as it’s not my style to feel sorry for myself.  Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of poor me, poor me, pour me another moments, but I try to force perspective.  I make myself see how good I have it in the grand scheme of things.  And when I complain, I try to make it fun, funny, or constructive.

That’s all.

wood for good

It’s been established I’m a bit of a clean freak and have hardwood floors in my apartment that I feel compelled to keep glowing.  It has also been established that the wood cleaner I use has a delicious almond scent and works amazingly well, but is not approved for use on floors.  idiot

I have great news.  I went to Target last night to replenish my supply of Method’s Wood For Good and discovered they’ve finally put out a product specifically for floors.  Same great almond scent, too!  This means I get bright, shiny clean floors and hopefully no more broken bones.


I rarely listen to albums anymore.  In the past year in my continuing effort to rid myself of the material of this world — which is quite a laugh, honestly.   As Chris says, “you love stuff!”  Mostly I’m doing what I can not to hoard* and balance things out, like get rid of things when I get new things…. yeah, anyway —- I’ve put my cds in a big cd case and thrown out the plastic cases.  Once I buy a couple more cases I can really open up that space in my living room that’s currently taken up by a big, wooden cd holder.

But is clearing out space my biggest reason for this reorganization or is it more that I don’t listen to albums anymore?  I’m thinking of this as I sit here listening to XTC’s Skylarking.  This is one of the albums I prefer to listen to as a whole piece.  Frankly, a big reason is the purposeful bleed between some songs; this was a recording they hoped would be listened to in order.  Summer’s Cauldon moves so easily into Grass, Ballet for a Rainy Day beautifully becomes the achingly lovely 1000 Umbrellas.  Of course I love how Dear God taps its ending into Dying; such a good follow-up tune thematically.

Listening to this now reminds me that was how I used to experience new music.  I’d hear the single on the radio, perhaps, then buy the record.  There’s something wonderfully comforting to me about listening to certain albums head to toe.  Here are a few off the top of me noggin’:   Aimee Mann - Lost in Space, Roxy Music - Avalon, Fiona Apple - When the Pawn…, The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, U2 - The Joshua Tree, Jellyfish - Spilt Milk, Prince - Purple Rain, The Smiths - Meat is Murder, Liz Phair - Exile in Guyville, Death Cab for Cutie - Transatlantacism,  The Pretenders - Learning to Crawl, The Replacements - Don’t Tell A Soul, hmmmmm…..

I’m trying to do this without cheating, which is to say without looking at my cds - mostly by picturing my albums.   Yes, vinyl.   I’m certain I’ve left out a lot and it’s funny, when I really think about it, I guess I’m not sure why I usually set my iPod on stun, I mean shuffle.  heh.

Do you have albums/records you prefer to hear beginning to end?  I’d love to know.

*oh yeah, that pesky asterisk.  Just a note that I’m addicted to the show Hoarders.  I’ve met people like this and it’s just amazing.  Oh, and btw, I’m over Toddlers & Tiaras.  Had my fill.


Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?  HA!  If so, it only works with short bouts of absence here and there, which is quite unlike how I’ve been with brightside here.  No, the appropriate phrase here would be out of sight out of mind.  That’s how I hope you’re not feeling.

Hello?  Are you out there?  I’m here.  Again.  Finally.

Last Monday my doctor gave me the OK to go back to the gym.  My relief is huger than my ass has become.   Chris and friends have told me how well it seems I’ve been handling this whole no-working-out-for-four-fucking-months thing, but after a couple workouts I can tell I wasn’t.   No sir, not at all.  The workouts are the anchor of my regimen, which includes writing.  In my blog.  Yeah, buddy, notice a severe shortage in entries lately?  No?  Then you weren’t paying attention.

I’ve done so much in the last four months, but have noted very little of it here because my energy levels have been so low.  Motivation and endorphins, too, not to mention my self-esteem.  The mirror, she ain’t been so kind of late and my bad attitude certainly doesn’t help.  My jeans miss me, I can sense it.  We had a great reciprocal relationship and they’ve felt neglected and, when worn, stretched beyond their capacity.

Summing up seems like a good idea right about now, but I’m tired.  Sean, a favorite instructor of mine at the gym, switched up his class schedule in a way that works uncannily well for me, but it means I planned to just ellipticize (my made-up word) this afternoon and instead did Cardio Strike (CS).  CS is a marshal arts inspired class I used to do on Saturday mornings before Bosu Bootcamp.  Yeah, me and my doubling up.  Today it simply floored me; I am exhausted.  Not to mention on my walk home from there I could hear my stomach growling over the music in my headphones.

I even left with proof of a tough workout in the form of a huge bruise on my knee from sparring with Sean on the knee-kick repetition.  JoJo told me to wear it with pride and so I shall.  What I should do is take a picture of it.  That’ll be posted soon enough.