I’ve been the worst blogger ever, which is to say I’ve not written at all.   Frankly, I’ve been neglecting my journal, too, but it seems that’s what I do.  When one part of my routine is altered the rest of it tumbles like dominoes.  This is one of many things I’m trying to fix in this journey towards ultimate perfection I call my life. (more on that another time)

As I wrote in my last entry, over a month ago, turns out my foot was indeed broken.  Doc told me to walk on it, but slowly and gently, which was great news since I was leaving for Chicago w/my BFF Mel the following week and when I’m exploring a new city I must walk it.  I can’t say I was always gentle and I probably didn’t take as many pitstops as I ought to have, but I certainly didn’t race around the city.

So, yes, since that entry I’ve been to Chicago and LOVEd it.  I also spent 5 days at Lake Como, Italy.  Surprise!   A nice surprise, but again, something that threw me off my mental course.  It’s taken me some time to get back on top of things.   I met with my Orthopedist when I got back and he told me the break is 80% healed, but still advised no working out for another month, at least.  I’m going to need a whole new wardrobe; I can’t fit in my clothes!  Augh.

Anyhoo, that’s it, I just wanted to check in to say hi, and I’m not dead yet.  !!!  More on above-mentioned trips in entries soon.