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so many bones

Since I’m still in so much pain, I decided to visit a specialist about my foot. On Monday I called the Orthopaedic surgeon my nurse recommended. Lucky me, he had a cancellation that very day. So I went in and he called up my x-ray on his computer. He saw almost immediately that there was a break. It was something he said a GP could easily miss, but to his “eagle eyes” was very apparent.

I effin’ broke my foot!!! My friend Susan at work, the same one who lent me her crutches, has a model of a foot in her office. The foot has so many bones, it’s just mind boggling!

He turned the computer monitor around, magnified the image and showed me with the tip of his pen where the break was. Third metatarsal and part of the fourth. Huhn. Well that would explain the pain then, wouldn’t it?

To be brief, I must continue to “baby” it, although he told me when I got off the examining table that I landed hard and need to watch that. The break will heal itself, but it could take up to 8 more weeks. !!! The good news is that he wants me to walk. Slowly, of course. He advised against walking fast for 20 minutes and suggested walking slowly for an hour or so instead.

He also told me to get a cane. Not only would it ease some of the pressure on the foot, but it will indicate to others that I am disabled. Terrific.

I only wish I had a better story for this trouble than I do. When Chris tells it, he is able to highlight the slapstick and whimsy of the events as he is quite the storyteller. But when I say what happened I merely sound pathetic. The only alternatives I’ve come up with involve skydiving and landing poorly or …. no, wait, that’s it. Little help?

cash cab

I love Cash Cab!! It’s brilliant and so much fun!

Wait, what? You’ve never seen it? Cash Cab is a TV game show that takes place in a New York City taxicab. Unsuspecting patrons get in the cab, settle in and get startled by a noise and flashy lights all around the interior. Driver turns and tells them they’re in The Cash Cab, explains the rules and they can decide if they’d like to do it or not.

He drives and asks you questions. As you get them right the meter shows all the money you’re winning. During the course of your ride, if you feel you don’t know an answer you have both a mobile shout-out and a street shout-out. For a mobile you call anyone you think would know the answer. For the street you pull over and pick someone on the sidewalk you think might know.

There’s also red light challenges (when you’re stuck at a red light) where he’ll ask you to name, for instance, 4 of the Star Wars movies and you have 30 seconds to list them. (Phantom Menace, Empire Strikes Back, Clone Wars, Return of the Jedi) You get it right you win another $250, but if you don’t get it right, you don’t lose anything.

If you reach your destination having gotten fewer than three wrong, you have the option to take the cash you’ve won and be on your merry way or go for double or nothing on a bonus question. I LOVE IT!! <Chris and I were thinking we’d go for it only if we’d won less than a $1,000. Who knows what would happen if we actually ended up there…>

What a terrific concept, right? Win-Win!! Say you don’t win any money, but you’ve reached your destination for FREE. And you got to enjoy a good trivia game and I’m always up for that. I wish I’d come up with this. BTW, kudos to Ben Bailey as the excellent driver/host. He’s unassuming, funny and not over-the-top.

my friends are the best

I took another spill last week and hurt my foot pretty badly.  Did it in the comfort of my own home, of course, on my slippery clean floors.  Made a turn too quickly and twisted up my left foot as I crumpled to the floor.  It hurt like hell, but I’ve never really injured myself in such a manner so it didn’t occur to me to ice it or anything.  Plus I had no idea I’d done any real damage so I just went to bed in pain and finally fell asleep.  Figured I bruised it.  Silly Roo.

When I awoke to my bloated and swollen left foot I realized I may have done more damage than I initially thought.  I called in to work and got an appointment with my nurse knowing she’d just instruct me to get x-rays.  Which I did.  AFTER having a courier retrieve my friend Susan’s extra set of crutches from work.  Very kind of her to lend them, I don’t know how I’d have gotten anywhere w/out them.  She also texted me to let her know if I needed anything, but at that point I didn’t know which end was up.  (Wait, do I know now?….)

X-rays showed no breakage so that would make it a sprain, right?  In any case I still couldn’t walk.  I was stuck on my couch all weekend.  My friend Joie called me from Target asking if I needed anything; she’s so sweet!  She brought me a twelve pack of my favorite cherry coke zero.  YAY.  And she had a look at my puffy foot and gave advice.

So I didn’t go in to work for five days, but once I felt up to it my friend Terri offered to give me a ride.  It was so nice!  I took the T home that first day, but I hadn’t realized just how much walking would be involved.  Mistake.  That night my band had a gig and I made another mistake standing instead of sitting at the microphone.  The next day my foot was bruised and in a new kind of pain.

The next day Terri drove me again.  She’s driven me in just about every day.  Even when I know she doesn’t have to be up that early, she’s gotten herself over to my place at 7:30 and driven me downtown.   Wow, right?   What a peach!  Can you imagine?  She’s driven me home a couple times, too, and not only that, her girlfriend (also a friend of mine) has driven me home, too.

This is what I’m saying, my friends are the best!  I’ll repeat a little mantra I’ve got going in this little bloggy blog which is I am very lucky.  No, falling down and spraining my foot wasn’t lucky.  Not being able to walk around a ton, something I love to do, isn’t lucky.   Not working out in three weeks isn’t lucky, all true.  But I’m about counting blessings and looking at the bright side, so that’s what I’m doing.  I’m a lucky girl.