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I’ll be the first to admit it, I love TV.  If I’m left unchecked I could watch television shows and movies all day.  ALL day.  I would get incredibly depressed, though, and I know this because it’s happened before.  It’s like doing a drug or drinking too excess; you have fun while you’re doing it, but you pay for it later.  But it’s less an addiction than an example of laziness and giving in to inertia.  This is a problem I’ve mentioned here many times before.

It’s my opinion there are tons of good programmes on TV these days, especially if you count the shows on Showtime and HBO like Weeds and Flight of the Conchords, but I find there’s plenty to keep me occupied on regular TV and especially on PBS.  Nerd alert!!  ha ha  But could someone please tell me why the hell a show like Two and A Half Men is still on the air?  Not only that, it’s “TV’s number one rated sitcom.”  ????

I can find redeeming factors in most shows, but this one blows my mind.  It’s just so bloody awful.  The gags are lined up ever-so-perfectly, the laugh track is insidious and spine-tingling, and the very idea that anyone still finds Charlie Sheen a hottie is way too big a suspension of my disbelief to withstand more than a moment of this fiasco.  He was adorable as the drug addict in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, but that was twenty years ago!  Many men look better with age, I mean, “McDreamy” from Grey’s Anatomy, Patrick Dempsey, he was a goofball in the 80s movies.  Who knew he’d become so attractive?  But Sheen passed his prime years ago.

Not to mention this show is a sad coda to the memory of lovesick Duckie from Pretty in Pink.

I don’t know, I just felt I had to vent.

unwelcome in the pleasuredome

Anyone who knows me, or has read a fair portion of this blog, knows I’m a big fan of Target. HUGE. And you probably also know that I’m a stickler of the worst kind. It’s true. And here’s an example.

This past summer at Target they had an amazing array of fun and/or cute t-shirts. In all fairness, Target always has a pretty good selection of t-shirts, I’d say 75% of mine are from there. I even got this awesomely-cool superhero tee for Chris there and it gets compliments every time he wears it. Now if only he could locate the damn thing.

But I digress.

As you are undoubtedly aware, if you live in the world, 80’s fashions are all the rage. At least they have become so in the last couple years. Nostalgia for the 80’s is at an all-time-high, be it for the games, the products, the music, the television shows, everything! You name it, there’s nostalgia for it. So Target had these “FRANKIE SAYS RELAX” t-shirts last summer. I loved Frankie Goes To Hollywood. Mel and I used to listen to FGTH’s Welcome To The Pleasuredome non-stop and I still have the album. Mel had an enormous crush on Holly Johnson, the lead singer. And I agreed, but liked the bass player, Mark O’Toole, more. And we loved how proud and gay they were - once we realized that they were, that is. ha ha ha… Plus, you gotta hand it to a band who has the cojones to put out a double album as their first record. Dead ballsy that.

You’re thinking, fine, so you bought the t-shirt and life has been grand ever since. What’s the deal? I see the Target plug, but where’s the stickler stuff? Well, as it happens, no, I did not buy that t-shirt. The t-shirt sucked because the t-shirt was wrong and I was pissed. “FRANKIE SAYS RELAX”??!! No Frankie doesn’t. “FRANKIE SAY RELAX” among the many other things “FRANKIE SAY“d. Come on, people!! Is it too much to ask for a little authenticity?!

In case you’re reading this thinking maybe I’m mis-remembering, here’s my undeniable, quantifiable proof: FGTH tees Go to “galleries” and you’ll see “frankie say t-shirts” Mnwlah!!!! :P

I’d forgotten all about my annoyance with this from last summer until I read my latest Entertainment Weekly and there was an ad for 80’s nostalgic tees. Lo and behold, there was the same stupid extra-s shirt for sale. It got my blood boiling - again. Yes, I know, why the hell do I care? I can’t help it!! I’m a stickler. These are the a, b, c’s of me!

funny footballer

I’m a Patriots fan, but I love the MasterCard ads with Peyton Manning.  I think they’re hilarious.  Clearly he has a strong sense of self and the commercials showcase his excellent sense of humor.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know.  It’s quite the paycheck, but have you seen this one?  Last year’s were good, but this is my new favorite.  peytonmastercard

hello december

I love the first day of a new month because I love to see the new page on all my calendars.   DORK, I know.  I’m a dorkus malorkus.  I’m fully aware of this.

But can you believe it’s already December?  WHERE did this year go?  Chris and I have been dating for six months already.   I feel like we were watching the NCAA Finals together at Red Bones last week!  It’s good, it’s all very, very good, but time is flying.  Guess that means I’m happy, huhn.  :)