Though I can be brusque, I don’t mean to seem harsh. I don’t hate the beach. And I don’t judge anyone for loving a vacation where they lie on the beach and read all day. That sounds groovy to me, dude, I’d just need to pepper that with some active activities. As I’ve said, I’m a creature of inertia and momentum. If I stop moving altogether it’s unlikely I’ll get up and move again and then I’ll be guilt-ridden about being lazy despite being on vacation.

I wouldn’t REFUSE an offer to go to the beach, either. Not a big fan of traffic on the way. Not a big fan of crowds. Not a big fan of baking in the sun, either. You don’t set Roo in direct sunlight for any prolonged period of time. You just don’t. I have no idea what would happen and I don’t think you or I should attempt to find out. I imagine it’d be much like the Terry Gilliam film, Time Bandits, when the Supreme Being starts vaporizing the dwarves at the end. (That’s a great movie! I should watch it again.)

But I digress. Despite being from a land-locked state I’ve had my fair share of beach experience. Because my dad was a professor, when I was little we’d spend much of the summers driving all over the country and visiting states that had coasts. I like the beach, I do. It’s just I’m in the minority who do not prefer a cloudless day - hence my link to the cloud appreciation society. For vacation spots I’d choose, in no particular order, rollercoasters, big cities I can explore (not just the U.S.), or mountains and woods.

I started to write this when we had that awful heatwave about a month ago. Remember, we went from 60 degrees to 98 in one day. It was drastic and terrible. I’d already put my a/c units in the windows, so my apartment was an oasis of cool, dry goodness. Phew!

Now it seems we’re to get another heatwave. Since it’s hitting us during a weekend and it’s time for everyone to “go on ‘oliday” I imagine there’ll be much beach attendance. I sincerely want to wish everyone a great weekend, be it spent in the sun and the ocean or the pool or wherever you go or stay. I’m going to a friend’s cookout on Saturday, but otherwise will be cloistered in my cool, air-conditioned apartment or at the air-conditioned gym, or in an air-conditioned movie theater watching the new Will Smith feature, Hancock, or possibly I’ll be at air-conditioned Diesel Cafe playing pool with Christopher. No crowds, no traffic, no humidity nor overwhelmingly direct sunlight for me. It’ll be grand.