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i loathe a parade

There was a Memorial Day Parade in Somerville today. The parade route passes in front of my apartment. If I’d been home while it happened I’d have maybe watched some of it out of my window then gone to the other end of the house and tried to block it out somehow.

As it was my friend Terri was trying to drive us to my place from the gym so I could get a change of clothes and go kayaking with her. The parade wasn’t scheduled to start for another 2 hours, but driving the 6 blocks from Porter ended up taking 20 minutes thanks to all the closed roads. Closed for one mere block, why?

So here’s my question: What is the point of a parade? I do not get it. As a child I remember thinking, ‘what the hell is this?’ I think I’m coming out of the closet, as it were, to say I loathe a parade. Parades are booooring. It’s like they’re created for people who don’t like actually doing things. I enjoy watching interesting things, don’t get me wrong, but sitting and watching other people march whilst sort-of-doing-things does not hold my attention. Marching bands? Yawn. They can play and march and turn their heads in unison. Wonderful. Unless it’s some kind of new wavey hip-hop neat-o coolio marching band (what was that movie?…) I can do without it.

The way I figure it parades are made for same the kind of people whose ideal vacation is the one where they laze on the beach every day. Which is not my ideal vacation. If I were on a beach vacation (there’s always a first time!) I’d rather be taking part in activities, say snorkeling or attempting to surf or climbing something or hiking. Just don’t place me immobile in direct sunlight for any serious length of time. 10 minutes post-swimming in the pool (or however long it takes to dry) is about all I can take.

The word parade itself appeals to my ear and I like the way it looks aesthetically, but that’s as far as my appreciation goes.

Obviously there must be people who love parades or the song “I love a parade” wouldn’t exist. Ah, thank you Merrie Melodies. The first time I saw the floats in the Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC was interesting, but once is enough. Maybe revisit every few years, perhaps once every ten. Same with Gay Pride. Now THAT’S an impressive spectacle and is always bursting with energy and fun, but again, once every few years is enough. Otherwise even it gets stale.

Right. So anyway, I hope you all enjoyed your Memorial Day weekends. As I wrote above, I went kayaking for my first time and had a blast! Who knew it was so cheap and easy? $15 for an hour on the Charles and they give you a kayak, an oar and a safety vest. No fuss, no muss. Loved it and I plan to do it again. Sure beat sitting around watching a parade, but it wouldn’t take much to beat that for me.

men should not wear deep v-neck tees

Honestly! I was on some random website and there was the ubiquitous American Apparel ad in my lower left periphery. But this time it caught my eye because dude was wearing a deep v-neck tee.

??? Blecccchhh! NO!

No no no no no.

NEVER …… do that.

Then I was watching some shite or other on TV and they had clips of Simon Cowell doing his usual scathing criticism of a singer’s hair or the way they moved their fingers or the depth of the color of mauve they were wearing. Whatever. Can you guess what Mr. fashion forward style maven was wearing? Oh yes, a manly deep v-neck tee. What the deuce? I don’t find Simon attractive as it is, but that t-shirt was truly gag inducing.

It’s true, I’m not a big fan of anyone, man or woman, showing off skin cleavage. Not sure of my psychological reasons for this. I don’t mind tight clothes highlighting a woman’s upper frontal super-structure, but don’t dig seeing all the skin so much. I find it incredibly distracting, so I can only imagine what it’s like for guys trying to maintain eye-contact with said woman. In any case, seeing so much chestal cleavage on a man feels extra-special wrong. So very, very wrong.

Even men I usually do find attractive like, hello?, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, can be made to look not-so-good in mine eyes. Though, it must be said that lei-like necklace isn’t helping, though the V isn’t quite so deep as it is wide. What about that “bread” in his bag, anyway?   Frighteningly suggestive in its shape and placement.  Is he trying to tell us something about his preferences?…. Regardless, you tell me, am I crazy?

Wait, don’t answer that. I already know I’m crazy. But do you have an opinion about this? Do you care even a whit? Maybe it’s never occurred to you. These are the inanities rolling around in me noggin. Prepare yourself for more dumb random shit like this in future entries. My journals are filling too quickly…

the ‘c’ word? etc,…

Some updates:

I didn’t audition to teach group exercise at my gym. I realized I was overburdening myself. I was feeling supremely half-assed about my routine and my presentation; the whole enchilada. Nothing worse than going into a situation like that and not being confident, especially when you’re trying to motivate people to get excited about jumping around.

So I bagged it and plan to possibly audition this Fall.

That show with SuperGenius didn’t happen. Due to the new management/ownership (not sure which) of the club, the night, as Mike put it, shifted underneath them. There will be a show, though. I’ll post the date as soon as it’s confirmed.

bruise laterThe bruise on my left knee died down mostly. The included picture is from last week at my desk at work. I wanted to show the slow progression. Now it’s a mere shadow of its former self and I have a big ugly friend for it on my right calf that I got from my scooter. No, not from falling but from closing it up and accidentally letting it fall against my calf. Didn’t hurt so much when it happened, but the bruise has certainly lasted a while. I had others, too, so I was referring to my legs as BruiseFest 2008.

My biggest recent news (and best) was last Wednesday when a nurse from BIDMC called me to schedule my port removal. Could I come in either 9am or 12pm on Friday? So soon?! Uh, yeah, OK, I’ll take the nooner. I thought, hells yeah, I can take Friday off after our show at TOAD on Thursday. We were going on late, so, perfect!

I didn’t, however, consider the fact that if I couldn’t take aspirin or anything because of its blood thinning effects, I would not be able to drink, either. Eff! Not a single shot, nary a beer nor mixed drink, nor a lovely glass of wine. NOTHING to take the nervousness of performing away.

Well. That was an interesting realization.

All in all the show went very well. I’ll have it all better organized next time. I didn’t know Thursday night was a 2am night at TOAD. [And the hits keep comin’!! ] Seriously, though, I think we all had a great time, I know I had a blast playing with our seven (yes, 7) piece band on and around that teensy stage. It was great to again have the opportunity to play with all the guys in Phil’s band, that is, Nate, Jefferson and Joe Klompus.

Not to mention we had a great crowd. It was a very attentive listening audience. I fear my lack of calming fluid allowed me to insert too much of my “babble filler” between songs. Totally unnecessary and silly. This is something I am working against all the time, honestly. I have this overwhelming need to make sure everyone in the room is comfortable or something, the constant diplomat or ambassador or whatever, and it’s stupid. People don’t come to our shows to hear my useless offhand comments. The chorus in our song “Where We Left Off” is about that, actually. “Silence so they say, words a breath away, I will hold it in, I’ll find my way.”

ANYhoo, the audience was gracious and friendly and awesome despite my awkward verbal fumbling between songs.

No sleep till Brooklyn, that is to say 3AM, but I didn’t have to be at the hospital till 11:30. My friend Terri drove me, which was a huge relief and meant I’d get to spend some quality time with her. Since it only took about 30 minutes to get that device out of me I was able to show her the room on the 9th floor where I got all my chemotherapy drugs infused. She told me it depressed her to think of me in there. I said not to worry, it’s all over. And I’m a lucky, lucky, LUCKY girl. In fact, she’s one of the reasons for this. All of my friends make me feel incredibly lucky and happy. I do need to say, though, there’s something about TerTer. (And JoJo, too, actually. I could write at LEAST one full blog entry about each of them….) It’s as though we were destined and meant to meet and be in each other’s lives.

After the hospital we stopped by Terri’s place in Central Square - finally. We’ve known each other for… 2 or 3 years now and I’d never been there. Really only got to see the first floor and her office in the basement, but I was very impressed. Great space, layout and decor.

Next, we gathered up her neighbor and friend, Johanna, and went to Sound Bites. You can prolly guess what I ordered - thank goodness they serve breakfast till 3pm there! They each wanted to get some plants and things, so we went to Mahoney’s in Winchester. I got some cool, color-saturated and trippy close-up flower shots w/my cellphone camera. Then to my favorite part of the day, I got us each a cupcake and we played Scattergories at my place for a couple hours. It was fantastic. I had forgotten how wonderful and hilarious that game is/can be. It was a blast.

Of course, it was a long-ass day. I watched my Ghost Whisperer season finale (gripping!) and headed over to the Gearan’s place to babysit till 2am. That’s right. But I didn’t go to the gym all weekend because though I felt no pain during the removal procedure, the area was incredibly (enormously!) sore and throbbing. No way I was gonna do decline push-ups, jumping jacks, dancey step class moves or lift weights. I took it easy. And I decided not to feel guilty about it.

Do you want to know anything about the procedure? Only 30 minutes? What did they do? Well, they gave me a painful shot to numb the area and then cut in. Yes, local anesthesia, not general. I couldn’t see much; breathing on it would invite the possibility of infection and it didn’t occur to me to ask for a mirror. Would have helped, I bet.

At one point I did feel some pain along with the pressure so the doctor gave me another shot and all was well. He didn’t let me keep the device. Evidently the hospital considers it biohazardous material. This occurred to me beforehand, but I had to ask.

I’d forgotten my real camera, so I took a cellphone picture. Because of its low resolution this blog won’t accept it. Snobby blog.

Finishing chemo last September was the biggest hurtle or mile marker in this “battle,” but it must be said that despite the brevity of the procedure, having this last vestige of my cancer removed feels like a big deal.

way to go, california

Just wanted to say it’s about frickin’ time.

I was surprised Massachusetts was the first state to legalize same-sex marriage. California feels so liberal and forward-thinking to me. However, I’m not very knowledgeable when it comes to politics. I DO know how I feel about gay marriage, though, and I agree with my dad’s pal Kinky Friedman who said, “I support gay marriage because I believe they have the right to be just as miserable as the rest of us.”

Right? I mean, come on.

several things at once

Despite attempting to focus on one thing at a time, with the marked exception of reading and songwriting, I really am a multi-tasker at heart. Yes, Roo is still crazy-busy (and, in general, just plain crazy). I just got home from the gym and I’m sitting here writing, making my supper, and watching both Beauty and The Geek and the Celtics game. Go CELTICS.

I suddenly felt I had to write because the Beauties’ challenge involved fixing problems in a bathroom. Each of them started with the clog in their tub and as they leaned way over, their jeans slipped low enough to show the tops of their asses… which the network fuzzed out. I was on the floor, it was so funny. No muffin tops, but definite backside cleavage.

Once B&TG is over with I will eat (if my effing supper is ready - it’s taking for-effing ever and I’m starving) and then I will mute the Celtics game. I will leave it on and look at it whilst I work on my audition routine and then write.

Oh, right, I’m “auditioning” to teach group exercise at my gym. I’m AFAA certified, but they need to see how you teach. Not sure right now if I even want to teach at my gym, but they only hold auditions twice a year, I think. And if I taught 3 classes a week I’d have a free gym membership, which would be great. My gym isn’t cheap.

I’m excited to write more - we just finished a new song on Sunday and Todd and I are so pumped about it. Yeah! Gave me impetus to really dig in. Might have to miss some of the game in order to get it done, but one must have priorities. Like also going to bed early so I can make it to my 6am spin class….. oof.

More on the whole sleep thang another time.

I am an idiot

My apartment is all hardwood floors and it stretches the length of the house. I love hardwood floors and take pride in keeping it clean. I’m kind of a neatnik as it is, but I really hate it when the wood is dirty or dusty or sticky. I also love, just as I did in my living room growing up, running down the length of my apartment and sliding. To some this might be considered one way to clean the floor.

Murphy’s Oil Soap in the spray bottle was my best friend for a very long time, but recently I found this amazing almond scented wood cleaning spray by Method, the brand sold by Target. It smells divine. When I’m done rubbing the floors down there’s a lovely fragrance throughout.

The label specifically warns “not for use on floors as they may become slippery.” Slippery, eh? More the better. Makes the hall slide that much more fun and exciting.

Tuesday night I was in the study doing something during a commercial break in “How I Met Your Mother” and I heard the show come back on. I started to run around the corner to get back to the living room and **SPANG** I was down. The pain was immediate. “OWW!! ow-ow-ow-ow….” and “ruth, you’re an idiot…” were the only things I could think to say.  (Please note, HIMYM is on Monday nights; I was watching a Tivo’d episode and had no need to run, but I had let the commercial go and was in autopilot.  Might I add it was a superior episode and at one point I almost fell off my chair I was laughing so hard.  So I somehow avoided getting two bruises…)

I swear, the whole house shook when I fell, it was that hard a drop. Don’t believe me? Here’s a couple of pictures. One is at night w/a soft flash and the other is daylight lit.

knee bruise 1knee bruise 2

My first worry was that I wouldn’t be able to go to spin in the morning, but the pain subsided quickly enough. It really only hurts (a lot, yes) when I put pressure on it.

In keeping with the theme of my blog (and my life) I choose to see the bright side. I am utterly fascinated by what’s going on on my leg. The bruise rose right away, but I could tell it would be the kind that evolves and changes, ripens, if you will, before it all disappears. Kinda cool.

In case you’re wondering, I’ve no plan to discontinue my use of Method “Wood For Good” cleaner on my floors, but I will be more careful rounding corners.