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syoo-pear bizzy, yah.

I know, I’ve not been a good blogger of late. I suppose I’ve not been any kind of blogger whatsoever. What up with that, yo?

Busy girl, I tells ya. For a while there it seemed I was, as Prince put it so eloquently in his song Little Red Corvette “busy doing nothing, no different from the day before.” A Roo Rut, methinks; a certain meh’nertia.

Not good, actually. Me no likey. Doldrums, blahs, feh, you name it, I was there. It’s not that I had nothing to do, but I couldn’t think of anything to write about. Or an idea would occur to me and I’d either not write it down somewhere, thence allowing a breeze pick it up and blow it through the transom of my brain, or I’d second guess myself deeming it un-blog-worthy. Which is really saying something, I mean, honestly! It’s a frickin’ blog, people. Who cares?!!


Here I am, though, busy again, and therefore ready to overburden myself. I’m seriously one of those annoying people who is only happy (satisfied? content?) when I’ve got too much to do. Or who would seem to have too much to do. I prefer it.

Again, it’s likely attributable to my strong adherence to the laws of inertia. A body in motion stays in motion. Once something spins my wheel and I get some good momentum I want to keep it up and incorporate more. And more. And MORE. YEAH! MORE!!! Bring it on!!

That’s where I’m at, to use the vernacular of today.

It’s helped that I’ve not been making so many lists. When they’re reminders, that’s great, but I turn them into my cross to bear when I can’t tick off all the tasks. Frankly, half the time they’re not necessary and certainly don’t need to be done in the meager amount of time I’ve given myself to do them. Are you enjoying my run-on sentences? Can you tell I’m itching to write again? yoikes.

Right, so, my latest syoo-pear bizzy-ness involves music, my favorite kind of busy (and biz). My band has a show at TOAD on the 15th and I’m excited for that. We’re making sure to get in some real rehearsals with the whole band as well as some vocal rehearsals at my place so we can be syoo-pear tight and confident. TOAD is a fun place to play, but it’s small and requires finesse.

I believe we’ll be announcing the band’s new name at this show, but don’t expect me to let the cat out of the bag here. Mum’s the word, my friends. I’m a vault.

On the 16th of May (yes, the next night) I’ll be singing harmonies with the band SuperGenius at Toast. I’m excited to sing with them (and honestly flattered they wanted me), but what’s funny is I didn’t consider how much work it’d require. It’s been so long since I had to study for anything, I wasn’t sure how to approach the 24 songs I needed to learn. But I’ve got it under control and am learning approximately 2 songs per day. As fun as this is it’s definitely time consuming and more challenging than I’d anticipated.

Fortunately, like I said, being busy is good for me. There’s more going on, but I think I’ll end this post here and tell you more later. I gotta get back to work!

i love where i live

Wednesday night I exit the T station and walk over to the Somerville Theatre to find out if the Crowded House concert had sold out or not. Ticket seller tells me no and asks which show am I interested in attending. Wha? I didn’t know they were booked for two shows and this threw a monkey in my brain. Wrench, that is.

Unable to choose I stand there mulling silently. My eyes hit upon a fading 3×3 yellow post-it behind the ticket dude. At the bottom it reads “Mike Doughty - 8:30.” Huhn.

“Mike Doughty is coming here? When’s he playing?” I ask. Dude says “Tonight.” I step back and see the posters advertising the show. This is so like me. Give me something obvious and overt and I’ll miss it, guaranteed. But hide it from me, even slightly, and I’ll find it and think I’ve made some grand discovery. Ah-HA!!!

That’s what happened with my band, actually. I placed an ad in the Phoenix, singer/songwriter looking for a band, and they answered it. Meanwhile they had signs and posters up all over Allston and the B Line for months advertising as a band looking for a singer. At the time I lived in Brighton and took the B Line every day and never saw a single one of their posters. Granted, most days I had my nose in a book or my nose on my chest napping, but either way, you’d think I’d have seen their poster ONCE. But oh, no. Not me.

[Fortunately I had no pressing plans that night so I bought myself a ticket and went. Awesome!!! Ended up sitting next to a very nice fella named Dave who got my sense of humor.]

As I walked home from purchasing the ticket I wondered to myself why I didn’t get an email about the show. I’m on the mailing list and am always getting email notifications for shows far away that I have no hope of being able to attend… why didn’t I get one for this? As it happens I opened my laptop as soon as I got home and there was the fan email announcement of the show. Who knows if I’d have run down there and bought a ticket once I was home and inertia had set in. This is why man, oh man, do I love where I live….

put this in your mouth and blow

stride gumMy two favorite gums right now are Wintermint by Orbit and Sweet Cinnamon by Stride. The Orbit cinnamon is always hard and dry for some reason, which is I gave Stride a chance. I was afraid of it at first, to be honest. The packaging really threw me because when I made fun of it from the moment I first saw it. I called it condom gum. I mean, honestly!! And the name? Stride? please.

Now there’s another brand, 5 is it?, that makes Stride look like, well, gum. It looks alarmingly like condom packaging, so much so that when I showed my friend Liss at work she said, “Now, how did you know that was gum?” The answer was that it was next to the Trident and the Orbit and the Wrigley’s, but if it had been somewhere, anywhere else in CVS it could easily be mistaken.

flare frontI have to ask what the marketing team behind this product was thinking. Honestly!! We’ll help you keep your breath fresh so you can get laid? Or we’ll help you keep your breath sweet before (or after) you get busy (as in bizzay)? Perhaps they’re positing this as some kind of alternative, i.e. put this in your mouth instead… ? I’m just a little flummoxed. Tell me it isn’t just me.

flare backI liked the gum inside the condom wrapper so much that I brought it to work and left it next to the community candy dish. Not a great review. For my money, Orbit is the overall sugarless gum winner with the small exception of cinnamon. This “5″ stuff? All shock, no substance.