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moody monday

Personally, I blame the coin toss.

HA! I’m only half-joking there. As Bob Oakes said this morning on WBUR, “oh well.”

To continue my theme of looking at the bright side, here are three reasons I’m OK with our Patriots not winning last night.

  • There were no crazy revelers honking their horns and running up and down the street screaming and yelling and hooting loudly, setting off firecrackers and cherry bombs, blasting their stereos or overturning parked cars. As far as I know, there were no arrests last night for disorderly conduct. Pretty nice.
  • Thanks to that I was able to get in bed before 10:30 and read quietly with my little Lucy cat before turning off the lights around 11pm. Quite early for me and good because I was still pooped. Tiring weekend.
  • NO PARADE!!! Not everyone loves a parade. I, in fact, cannot stand them. They’re messy, they disrupt traffic far beyond the streets they use, and the people who come into town for them usually get drunk and out of control… and in my way. Selfish, I know, but it wouldn’t matter where it was or what kind, I don’t like parades. (Now, a street fair is entirely different; those I like.)

DO NOT GET ME WRONG HERE. I love it when the Boston teams win big and the streets erupt into joyous madness, chaos and raucous silliness. But we lost. And I knew there was nothing I could do about it. So instead of getting irate and angry and uselessly raising my heart rate, I counted my blessings. That’s what I’ve been doing more and more lately and believe me, the serene calm feeling I get is sweet.

I wouldn’t and couldn’t go so far as to say I’m pleased that the Patriots lost the Super Bowl to the Giants, that’d be crazy. I’d have to be out of my tree. Insane. Nuts. Loopy. Bonkers. During the game I was losing my mind, in fact. I was yelling at my TV. GO WES!!! As Joanne put it, he was the one shining glimmer of hope we had in the game. I yelled at our offense as I couldn’t believe what a poor job we did protecting Brady. And I couldn’t believe how many throws left his hands to meet only air. It was a stunningly bad performance overall.

And my bff K8 brought up the Pats’ arrogance. I agree. If there’s one thing the Patriots have always clung to it’s their humility. They didn’t have any going into the Super Bowl and I think it put them at a disadvantage. Probably didn’t think their throne would be usurped so they didn’t try hard enough - in the ONE game that counted. Bad timing.

So this game has left the entire city of Boston in a big bad funk. It’s palpable. On the T there were only long faces and hunched shoulders. Everyone who walked in the office today mentioned being sad. It is sad. We have a great group of players and though they did not each play their personal best last night, I hope we don’t lose any for next year. I still love this team and I know they’re good enough to go to the Super Bowl again next year.

super sunday

You tell me this isn’t a great way to spend a Sunday.

Woke up sans alarm at exactly 8am. Listened to NPR, nerded out to the Sunday Puzzler with Will Shortz (and I think I even got the answer to try to be the contestant next week!), and went to Advanced Step at the gym at 9:30.

I haven’t been to a Step class in over a year - I really missed it. And Tavia is such a great instructor; not only does she do fun, dancey routines, but she incorporates a lot of plyometrics, so I was sweating like crazy and got a hell of a workout. I was still tired from yesterday’s Bosu Bootcamp, too.

BONUS for the day, too, I got to see Joanne between classes.  While I was steppin’ she was spinnin’, but her lifting class was in my step class’ studio.  So we got to say a quick hello and check-in as she gathered up her free weights and body bar.  Sweet!

After class I soaked in the hot tub, took a leisurely shower, then did some grocery shopping and walked home in the sun. Today it was so nice out, high 40’s and sun. I’m definitely inured to New England if I think high 40’s is nice. Seriously! But I like it.

Got home to eat a bit, talked to my brother on the phone and then listened to another favorite NPR program, “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me.” Then I went down the street for a pedicure. I don’t know how having my feet and legs massaged as a chair kneaded my back and butt, then having my toes painted made me sleepy, but when I got home I had to take a nap. Usually I like the 20-30 minute-r, but this one was an hour.

Took me a while to snap out of it, but I made it in time for the game. Yeah! Now I’m watching the Super Bowl and watching my man, “the dynamic” Wes Welker, kick some major football butt. He’s awesome and he’s adorable!

I think you could call this a banner day, a real super Sunday.