Now that I have photos of the day itself, courtesy of Melissa, here’s a little run-down of the weekend:

Mel made good time and got to my place ’round 7PM. We hung out a while drinking wine and talking, talking, talking. Finally we realized we were hungry, so what else would we do, buy more wine! Got that and the missing ingredients in the tomato sauce I make for pasta. Made that, ate, drank more, and eventually passed out from exhaustion.

Thursday, Thanksgiving. We had a leisurely morning: had much coffee, ate some of the carrot brake (I always called it that because it’s like a cross between bread and cake - only needs some cream cheese frosting…) my mom sends me every year, made the corn and cheese pudding and listened to some NPR.

Got to Tony and Sean’s at approximately 2:30pm and once Celine and her mom, Rayhan, arrived we basically sat around drinking glass after glass of wine and eating the enormous amounts of cheese they’d brought. All manner of soft and medium cheeses as well as pate. And I’d cut most cheeses out of my diet! For Thanksgiving I made an exception. A delicious exception. Yeah.

We ate dinner at suppertime, about 8pm. It wasn’t the latest Thanksgiving meal I’d ever eaten, but it was certainly non-traditional. Having gone through a ton of trial and error over the years of making our own turkey day meals, there’ve been times we ate around 8, maybe even 9pm before. It’s a lot of work to get the timing of all the different foods right, and usually I don’t get it all done till 5 anyhow. To my mind, a traditional time to eat would be between 2 and 3pm.

Tony went a few non-traditional routes, actually, at least for me. He even brined the turkey and let it sit out until it was room temp before baking it. The stuffing was very non-traditional and very interesting replete with cranberries and other fruit. And let me say, that turkey was the best I’ve ever had. I never understood people fighting over the skin till now. I’d have put a real hurt on someone if they hadn’t let me have a little more. wow.

Here’s stuffing and veggies on the sideboard and a plate loaded up.

stuffing and veggies plateful

And the table with all of us but Celine, who took the picture. I think Mel and I look a little demented. I might have had a bit much wine at this point…

most at table

and here’s just me and Sean.

sean and roo

The meal was amazing. We had coffee and retired to the livingroom for a bit afterwards and ate a few of the champagne truffles Mel brought. Here’s a shot of me and Celine.

celine and roo

Ute, Tony and Sean’s mini dachshund joined us. She wondered why she didn’t get her own truffle.

tony, ute and mel

ahhh… and one of me and the Mel-ster. Both of us wine-eyed and happy. Sometimes I can’t believe we’ve known each other as long we have.

mel and roo

There are no pictures of the pies that did me in, but believe me, they were beautiful. The pecan pie was the end, I believe. Suddenly I was down for the count. Celine and I went back in the livingroom and the adjacent tv room and set up camp each on our own couch. I could barely move.

We did make it to the T in time to catch the last train home, but I didn’t realize it would take so effing long. We didn’t get back to Somerville till 1:30, possibly 1:45am. Yowza. Didn’t do much except say goodnight and crawl into bed with our overstuffed bellies. It was grand.